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Congressman David Young

Representing the 3rd District of Iowa


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2017 Year End Report


February 21, 2016 Survey
Iowa families and job creators have to balance their budgets everyday. Even the Iowa legislature is not allowed to spend more than they take in. I believe the federal government should have to do so as well. This is why I recently joined a group of legislators and called for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. Do you support a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution?
February 9, 2016 Survey
A new federal tax proposal may impact the prices you pay at the pump. This new federal proposal calls for a $10 tax on every barrel of oil, or about 25 cents per gallon, which experts note will likely be passed on to consumers - just like you - as an increase at the gas pump. Do you support or oppose the newly proposed federal oil tax?
February 7, 2016 Survey
In December of 2007, hardworking Iowans began to face the hard-hitting reality of a historic global recession. Indicators have reported improvements to some areas of the nation’s economy, but figures have consistently shown that jobs and economic growth are recovering at the slowest rate in decades.
January 24, 2016 Survey
As you may know, news reports continue to detail the recent capture of ten of our American sailors by Iran. Should the recent capture of American sailors cause the United States to reconsider pending agreements with Iran?
January 10, 2016 Survey
This week, the President unveiled new executive actions on gun control. Do you support the president's gun control proposal?
December 20, 2015 Survey
The U.S. visa process reportedly missed the San Bernardino wife's zealotry in her social media posts. Do you believe the U.S. should require vetting of immigrants' online statements and social media posts prior to allowing them entry into the country?
December 6, 2015 Survey

Should the detention facility at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay be left open or should it be closed?

Answer the survey question here.

November 22, 2015 Survey

The most solemn and consequential responsibility of the federal government is to protect our nation and keep the American people safe.

In the past few weeks, over 350 innocent people were killed at the hands of ISIS in just two terrorist attacks in Paris and on a Russian passenger jet. It would be reckless for us to not take ISIS' threats against our homeland seriously.

November 8, 2015 Survey

On October 28 I voted against The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, because hardworking Iowa taxpayers deserve a federal government that acts responsibly, spends within its means, and balances its budget. This deal spends money we don't have by exceeding responsible spending levels. 

October 23, 2015 Survey

Take the survey on our Veterans Care Fair in Des Moines. These events are a one-stop-shop to connect veterans with a wide range of opportunities available to them. 

Take the survey here.



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